Professional synthetic solutions, which are created on the basis of polyurethane resins. Main advantages of the system include e.g.:
  • high elasticity, which minimizes the risk of getting hurt (through the absorption of impact energy),
  • raised durability to damage caused by spikes or extreme weather conditions,
  • water permeability,
  • seamless structure,
  • high aesthetics.
Tennis court surface is dedicated for schools, local and private sport facilities. They can be used to play basketball or volleyball as well.

E System
System developed to be applied on substrates hardened accordingly and with special rain water drainage. It functions also as a multipurpose solution for volleyball, basketball, football fields, running tracks etc.

EG System
A professional tennis court surface with additional layer of SBR granulated rubber mixed with Novofloor P22, to be applied in the most demanding environment. Eliminates the risk of water accumulating on the surface.

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