When kids are young, you have no way of knowing what sports and activities they will ultimately grow to love. Therefore, it makes sense to expose them to as many different games and sports as possible, so they can determine which sport they enjoy the most. Our all-weather outdoor sport surfaces are a cushioned, fast dry surface which can be made in many different colours. There are perfect for tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball etc. Indoor surfaces are high resilience, high coefficient of friction, seamless and hygienic. Our surfaces are ideal for multi-sport courts, gymnasiums, home gyms, commercial gyms, fitness centers, aerobics classes, multi-purpose rooms and more. All surfaces are tested on European Standard EN 14904 and EN 14877


For the football pitches which are made with artificial turf, the most important thing is to have a good quality materials, not only turf but also an adhesive which guarantee strong joints. With our materials the installation crew can work during high and low temperatures as well as during hard weather conditions like rain or snow. Product meets the European Standard EN 15330-2:2008


Indoor basketball flooring need to have optimal shock absorption, surface friction or ball rebound. Our indoor NOVOFLOOR surface elastic system has the closest characteristics to professional wooden floor. Some basketball floors need to accommodate other sports and non-sporting activities. If that is the case, a resilient sports surface may be the best gym floor option. We suggest to choose our NOVOFLOOR combined elastic system which has characteristics of point elastic and surface elastic floor.


Our sports surfaces for volleyball courts are safe and meet the requirements of EN 14877:2014. The pavement system is intended for outdoor use and can be built in a water permeable or impermeable version. The surface systems have been tested for operation in adverse weather conditions, i.e. extreme temperatures, high exposure to UV light, etc. They also meet the stringent restrictions on PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and have successfully passed the fire resistance tests which allow the system to be installed in sheltered or partially sheltered facilities. The pavement can be installed on substrates made of concrete, asphalt or directly on aggregate substrates coated with the NOVOFLOOR ST stabilising layer.


The NOVOFLOOR surface systems are designed for amateur tennis courts. Our product portfolio enables the creation of backyard tennis courts and public sports facilities. The surface can also be installed to create courts for other sports, e.g. badminton and volleyball. Our solutions meet the requirements of EN 14877:2014. The pavement can be installed on substrates made of concrete, asphalt or directly on aggregate substrates coated with the NOVOFLOOR ST stabilising layer.


A SKATING RINK in the winter, a SOCCER FIELD in the summer
Responding to the market demand for ice rinks, NOVOL has developed a two-functional sports surface: NOVOFLOOR ICE. The special design of the pavement allows laying an ice rink or using it directly as an outdoor sports facility for amateur team games, e.g. basketball and volleyball, or even a tennis court, etc. The system features a special chilling mat made of a high-quality EPDM compound filled with a mixture of granulated EPDM with a solvent-free polyurethane compound characterised by a specific thermal conductivity. The NOVOFLOOR ICE pavement can be installed on concrete or asphalt substrates.


NOVOL ensures the most optimum sports surfaces for players with its three indoor product systems which fully comply with the requirements of EN 14904.

  1. NOVOFLOOR elastic sports surface system
    A solution perfect for basketball and multi-sport courts used mainly by adult players.
  2. NOVOFLOOR point-elastic sports surface system
    This surface system perfectly meets the demands for volleyball and basketball courts, as well as multi-sport pavements and gymnasium halls for school children.
  3. NOVOFLOOR combined elastic sports surface system
    This pavement combines the floor and point elasticity. An excellent choice for children and adult players. This sports surface system is perfect for public athletic facilities and universal sports halls.
Surface system contractors can now select the most appropriate solution for their customers. The NOVOFLOOR indoor sports surface systems have passed the VOC emission testing. The systems have a “reaction to fire” classification of Bfl-S1. Declarations of Performance and CE Declarations of Compliance are also available for these products.


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