Running tracks

The NOVOL sports floor systems for athletic running tracks are among the most advanced solutions of their type. The wide range of NOVOL systems enables the adaptation of the floor parameters to the demands of the project investor and the user. The NOVOFLOOR floors have been designed with amateur and professional sports in mind. The NOVOFLOOR systems can be installed on substructures made of aggregate, concrete or asphalt compounds. The specially designed systems enable the floors to be laid in both permeable and impermeable versions. To assure water permeability, the sports floor must be laid using a separate stabilising layer in the form of a substrate from aggregate and SBR granulate - within the NOVOFLOOR ST system.

Among the numerous NOVOFLOOR systems for athletic facilities, various technologies of floor systems can be found. They comply with the stringent requirements of the IAAF Product Certificates and the PN-EN 14877:2014 standard. The sports floor systems have also passed a series of tests to confirm their environmental safety (acc. to DIN V-18035-6).

Amongst the most important advantages of all of the solutions manufactured by NOVOL company, the following should be mentioned:

  • high resistance (to changing weather conditions, spikes etc.),
  • elasticity,
  • absorption of energy during falls, thus minimization of the risk of injuries,
  • aesthetic looks.
Our running track surface is recommended for professional sport facilities as well as for schools and amateur clubs.

NT System
Highly elastic, durable multilayer solution based on polyurethane resins. It is very widely applied as well for tennis courts, football fields and numerous other professional and amateur sports facilities.

WS System
Professional running track surface consisting of granulated rubber mat, filler and granulated EPDM coating. It is also quite often chosen for tennis courts or other game fields.

Full Pur
Outdoor system prepared to be applied on asphaltic or concrete substrates. It is typically based on three layers filled with granulated EPDM. The thickness of the whole running track surface is about 14,4 mm.



a two-layer, water-permeable sports floor of the spray coat type. This solution is dedicated to school and college athletic and multi-sport grounds.
a two-layer, water-impermeable sports floor of the sandwich type. The system’s bottom layer is made from prefabricated rubber mat. The top layer is a high-quality polyurethane coating with embedded granulated EPDM. This solution is installed in athletic and multi-sport grounds.
the latest product from the NOVOL portfolio. It is a three-layer system made using high-quality, carefully selected chemical materials supplied by leading European manufacturers, and granulated EPDM. This floor system is SBR free and includes no recycled materials in its composition. NOVOFLOOR FULL PUR is the solution for the most demanding athletic facilities.
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