Antistatic epoxy floor system

The thick-layer antistatic epoxy floor system is a set of epoxy resin-based materials for making multilayer, seamless floors. It is designed for indoor use in industrial facilities exposed to medium transport load, where the accumulation of electrostatic charges is undesirable (e.g. computer rooms, explosion-risk areas). The most important properties of such floor surfaces are as follows: dissipates electrostatic charges, aesthetic appearance, high sealing capability, dust prevention, easy to clean and high chemical resistance.

The epoxy antistatic system is applied on a concrete substrate that has been prepared by applying one layer of the NOVOFLOOR E10 sealer. Electrodes that collect the electric charges and dissipate them into the ground must then be installed on the cured sealer, e.g. self-adhesive copper tapes spaced not more than 3 metres from each other. The next layer is the NOVOFLOOR E25AS conductive subfloor that dissipates electrostatic charges to the grounding electrodes. The last system layer is the NOVOFLOOR E41AS coating. Due to its high flow-through conductivity it guarantees that charges from the surface are dissipated into the NOVOFLOOR E25AS layer; it also forms a coat with the required mechanical and chemical resistance.
The thickness of the NOVOFLOOR E41AS layer should not exceed 1.9 mm.

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