Anti-slip epoxy floor system

The anti-slip epoxy floor system is a set of epoxy resin-based materials for making multilayer, seamless floors. It is designed for indoor use in facilities where the floor’s anti-slip properties are extremely important, like slaughterhouses, rendering plants, dairies, fish-processing factories, kitchens, parking lots, laboratories and many other specific rooms.

The anti-slip category (from R9 to R13) depends on the angle of floor inclination that, if crossed, may make it difficult for a person to keep their balance. This examination is performed in accordance with the DIN 51130 standard.

The concrete or cement substrate should be made in accordance with good construction practices. A sealing against moisture penetration is required. The concrete grade should correspond to the expected floor surface load; however, it must not be lower than C16/20. The surface should be clean, dry (the concrete moisture should not exceed 3%), roughly plastered, without cracks or scratches. The epoxy floor systems are used on substrates primed with NOVOFLOOR E10 or NOVOFLOOR E11 and gritted with the appropriate quartz sand.

The epoxy anti-slip floor system is used on substrates primed with NOVOFLOOR E10 or NOVOFLOOR E11. It consists of the NOVOFLOOR E41 self-levelling coating or the NOVOFLOOR E40 epoxy binder that is filled and gritted with the appropriate quartz aggregate type that makes it possible to achieve the required anti-slip category. Finally, the layer made in the manner described above is coated with NOVOFLOOR E41 or NOVOFLOOR E40 to obtain a floor with a homogeneous, closed structure and the appropriate chemical resistance. The total floor thickness ranges from 3 to 5 mm.

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