Thin-layer epoxy floor system

The thin-layer epoxy floor system is a set of epoxy resin-based materials for making multilayer, seamless floors. It is designed for use in facilities exposed to medium mechanical load, such as parking lots and underground garages, industrial halls, warehouses, wholesale outlets, workshops, etc. The most important properties of such floor surfaces are as follows: increased mechanical and chemical resistance (e.g. against oils and lubricants – tested to PN-EN 13529), aesthetic appearance, high sealing capacity, dusting prevention, easy to clean, resistant against dirt, substrate surface reinforcement, easy to refurbish through repainting. Thin-layer floors are surfaces not thicker than 1 mm. They are primarily used on concrete substrates, being their basic protection.

An thin-layer epoxy floor is made through applying one layer of NOVOFLOOR P10, followed by two layers of NOVOFLOOR E65 epoxy topcoat. The total thickness of the resulting coat ranges from 0.8 to 1.3 mm. The user can apply it with a roller, followed by a Moltopren roller to give it the required structure. The last stage of the thin-layer construction process is making lines using NOVOFLOOR P69 if necessary.

Basic properties of the thin-layer epoxy floor system:

Property Value Test method
Reaction to fire Bfl-s1 EN 13501-1
Surface absorbability <23g/m2 PN-EN ISO 62
Adherence to concrete >2MPa PN-EN 13892-8
Abrasion in the Stuttgart apparatus <0.09mm PN-EN 660-1
VOCs emission <21 days PN-EN ISO 16000-9
Coefficient of kinetic friction    
  • in dry state
>0.35 BN-86/6781-02
  • in wet state
>0.12 BN-86/6781-02

The components of the industrial epoxy floor system are authorised for use by the ITB Technical Approval no AT-15-8261/2010.

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