Novofloor P21 Green

NOVOFLOOR P21 GREEN – a solvent-free, 2-component glue for artificial turf, manufactured on the basis of polyurethane resin, which allows to form very elastic and at the same time strong joint. Its main application is to join mats of synthetic lawns. Its most important parameters are as well very good adhesion to a variety of materials used during the installation of sport surfaces, which are based on synthetic lawn and linoleum. As a result of using quality, carefully selected raw materials, the adhesive for artificial turf can be applied in extreme weather conditions, such as very low temperature or raised humidity.
It can be applied on asphalt concrete and concrete.

Correct preparation of substracture:
Good construction practices should be followed at all times. It is also necessary to retain correct arrangement of layers:

  • compacted sand;
  • crushed stone or gravel;
  • C20/25 concrete, smooth floated, with expansion joints; maximum differences: 3mm/3m, surface inclination: 0.5-0.8%.
Right before the installation of the turf, the humidity of the surface must be checked as well.

Mixing ratio:
Component A: 7 parts by weight
Component B: 1 part by weight

Application conditions:
Ambient temperature: 8-30oC
Substrate temperature: 8-30oC
Relative air humidity: 30-80%

The synthetic lawn carpets are joined exclusively with the use of special dry joining strip. The A and B components are mixed in appropriate ratio using a mechanical mixer. Depending on the intensity of mixing, its time is around 3 to 5 minutes. To eliminate potential flaws of the product and thoroughly mix both components, the mixture should be poured into a clean container and remixed.
The mixture is applied with the use of B11 notched trowel or special machinery. The next step is the application of synthetic lawn mats and pressing it down (pressure rollers should not be used). It is important for the joining strip to be aligned centrally.

Material usage:
With B11 trowel: 0.8-1.1 kg/m2

Working time: 40-60 minutes at 20°C

Curing time:
24 hours at 20°C (the glue for artificial turf gains maximum durability after 5 days).
To shorten the curing time during the application at low temperatures, NOVOL Plus 750 can be used. The NOVOFLOOR P21 GREEN adhesive for artificial turf is compliant with PN-EN 15330-2: 2008.

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