Outdoor sports floor system Novofloor Full Pur

The NOVOFLOOR FULL PUR outdoor sports floor system is a set of polyurethane resin based materials for making elastic, multilayer sports floors. It is designed for application in open sports facilities, such as game fields, running tracks etc. It may be applied on concrete or asphaltic substrates.

The advantages of the NOVOFLOOR FULL PUR system are: high elasticity, superior damping of impact energy, high coefficient of friction, aesthetic appearance, seamless, resistant to shoe spikes.

The NOVOFLOOR FULL PUR is based on a polyurethane coating that is highly resistant to changing weather conditions, including low temperatures. Typical athletics surface consists three layers which offer optimal properties. The first two lower layers are based on NOVOFLOOR P45 which is filled EPDM LD grade 1,0-3,5mm. The last top layer is based on NOVOFLOOR P44 which is filled EPDM grade 1,0-3,5mm. The average thickness of the full system is 14.4mm.

The figure below shows the typical layer arrangement of the NOVOFLOOR FULL PUR outdoor sports floor system.



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