Industrial polyurethane floor system

The industrial floor system is a set of polyurethane resin based materials for making multi-layer, seamless floors. It is designed for indoor use in such facilities as industrial halls, warehouses, wholesale outlets, workshops, sewage treatment plants, schools, hospitals, laboratories, shops etc. It is primarily used on concrete substrates.

The industrial floor system consists of the NOVOFLOOR P41 coating that is poured on a substrate primed with NOVOFLOOR P10, NOVOFLOOR E10 or NOVOFLOOR E11 and is then topped with coloured NOVOFLOOR P65 or colourless NOVOFLOOR P61W. The industrial polyurethane floor system has the following advantages: high capacity to transfer dynamic loads, high hardness and low abrasive wear, high friction factor, aesthetic appearance, seamless, easy to keep clean, resistant to many chemical substances used in industrial environments.

The surface thickness of this system depends on its use and the substrate condition. The standard thickness of the whole surface ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 mm. If the substrate is uneven and requires levelling (e.g. using NOVOFLOOR E40 with added quartz aggregate), locally the floor thickness may be much higher.

Basic properties of the industrial polyurethane floor system:

Property Value Test method
Reaction to fire Bfl-s1 EN 13501-1
Resistance to abrasion AR 0.5 PN-EN 13892-4
Impact strength IR 20 PN-EN ISO 6272-1
Adherence (with NOVOFLOOR P10) B 2.0 PN-EN 13892-8
Adherence (with NOVOFLOOR E10) B 2.0 PN-EN 13892-8
Adherence (with NOVOFLOOR E11) B 2.0 PN-EN 13892-8

This floor is compliant with PN-EN 13813:2003.

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