Seamless, highly durable indoor systems for multipurpose use. Perfect for sport halls, as well as schools and professional sport clubs. Thanks to waterborne components our systems are eco-friendly, odorless and safe for health and at the same time very easy to maintain, thus highly hygienic. All indoor NOVOFLOOR surfaces for gym are CE certified and meet the European EN 14904 standard. They are available in three different versions.

Point Elastic
Multi-layer system based on special rubber granulate mat characterized by very specific volumetric weight. Its total thickness is 9 mm or 6 mm (for application e.g. in fitness clubs or bodybuilding areas).

Combined Elastic
Surface for gym combining all of the advantages of traditional system based on wooden framework and traditional sport floors, as well as modern, highly elastic synthetic solutions. Can also be used for healthcare facilities.

Elastic Surface
A system similar to the point elastic one, but applied on a timber frame. As a result the whole surface has properties very similar to traditional parquet floors and make the facility perfect for various kinds of events.

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